Spiti Travel Updates

This page provides the latest news and updates about travel, hotels, road status, weather conditions and attractive travel deals for tourists looking forward to visit Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for staying up to date.

Latest Spiti Travel Updates

16 March 2017 Fresh snowfall in Spiti Valley

11 March 2017 Losar road open but with patches of snow in places.

7 March 2017 Fresh snowfall in SPiti valley. Temperature -12 degree celsius.

2nd March 2017 Reckong Peo to Kaza road open for small traffic.

25th February 2017: Ki monastery covered in snow.

21st February 2017: Kaza covered fully in snow.

10 September 2014 Jhoola (wirde trolley) across Chandra river near Chandr Taal is available for tourists to take them across to Samoodri Taapoo. Book your slot for the trek.

18 August 2014 Camping in Chandratal Lake will stay open till 15th October and hotels till 18th October.

15 June 2014 Batal to Chandrataal Lake road will be open for traffic on 17th June.

22 June 2014 Manali Batal route may still take 3-4 more days to be open.

18 June 2014 Trek to Samudri Taapu now open.

15 June  2014 Trekking route to Chandrataal open. Guests will have to come via Kunzum La or Batal

08 April 2014 All of our hotels in Spiti region are open for business now. Camping near Chandrataal Lake will begin from May 15th.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

20 March 2014 Camping and hotels in Lahaul Spiti region, Himachal Pradesh to start from April 5th. Hotels in Kaza and nearby areas will be open for business a few days before our camping ground near ChandraTaal lake. Book your adventure holiday in Himalayas now.

09 February 2014 Starting preparations for Spiti. New services, new offers coming soon !!

20 October 2013 Camping and hotels in Spiti closed for now. See you in spring.

22 July 2013 Road from Kaza to Maling will be open before 28th July.

16th July 2013 Road to Chandrataal Lake is now open completely and the weather is great for trekking and camping

11th July 2014 Road to Chandraa Taal Lake will be open on 14th July.

3rd July 2013 Chandra Taal spiti camping

Camping near Chandra Taal Lake at full swing. Price per person for camping with charges for tent, dinner and breakfast is Rs. 1350.

1st July 2013 Road from Manali to Kaza and up to Tabo is open for all vehicles and the weather is excellent and very favourable for travelers.

27 June 2013 It’s possible to reach Chandrataal by trekking from Kunzum La ( 8 km). Batal to Chandrataal Lake road (14 km) is open only till 2.5 km

8th June 2013, Kaza, Spiti Camping in Chandrataal Lake area officially begins from 12th June 2013. We’ll be there on 11th June to setup tents. You are all invited for the occasion

2nd June 2013, Kaza I’m visiting Batal tomorrow early morning to check up road conditions and meet chacha and chachi at their dhaba there.

1st June 2013, Batal Chandra dhaba in Batal is now open for business. Please visit on your way to Chandrataal or Spiti to enjoy the friendly hospitality of chacha and chaachi. Dozer for road clearance will reach in 2 days.

31 May 2013, Kaza, Spiti Grand opening of Jamaica group of hotels Sarkhang Guest House in Kaza, Tashi Zom Guest House in Kibber, Winter White Hotel in New Kaza and Kay Cee Lodge, Kaza on 1st June 2013. You all are cordially invited for the occasion.

23 May 2013, Gramphu Gramphu dhaba is now open. 7KM stretch of road from Gramphu to Chattru still needs clearing. Road from Chattru to Batal is more or less clear except for a few small snow build up points. This information was provided by Rajinder Singh and Amar Singh fromNepal who walked from Gramphu to Batal and then Losar in 3 days

19th May 2013, Chandra Taal Lake, Spiti

Camping and trekking near the lake begins on 23rd May. Great discounts and deals for early birds. Contact us for details.

16th May 2013, New Kaza, Spiti Hotel Winter White in New Kaza is officially open for business.

15th May 2013, Kaza, Spiti How many people will join us for first puja of 2013 in Kunzum La on 17th May ? Hoping to see you joining us there and for our trek to Chandra taal the day after.

10th May 2013, Kaza, Spiti We’re leaving for Chandra Taal lake on 18th May to set up our brand new camp. People who make bookings before 23rd May will get great discounts.
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