Lahaul Spiti Spiritual Journey & Meditation Retreats

  • TRANSPORT : On foot and In a private or shared car or SUV with driver.
  • DURATION: Variable
  • ACCOMMODATION: In home stays, monasteries and campsites according to choice.
  • ACTIVITY: Trekking,  Yoga, Meditation, Cultural activities, Volunteer activities
  • MEALS: Variable
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Anyone.Lahaul Spiti, Kaza Monastery. Meditation retreats

The unmatched solitude, silence and closeness to nature offered by the rugged and beautiful land of Lahaul Spiti is hard to find somewhere else. The residents of this region have been practising Buddhism and meditation for thousands of years in their homes, mountains, caves and monasteries.  Lahaul Spiti is one of the best places in the world to connect with your spiritual side and spend some time meditating and getting close to nature.

A dedicated meditation attempt may last a few hours to a few years in a variety of locations with a variety of meditation philosophies and spiritual paths.  We can help spiritual travellers with arranging any kind of journey with meditation. Our infrastructure and staff sourced from local population of the region will help you make most of your spiritual journey in to Himalayan mountains of Lahaul Spiti.

The meditation tour packages that we offer mix a variety of attraction starting from visits and stays in monasteries, home stays with monks and local families and meditation sessions in a variety of locations including special meditational caves which have been in use by monks for thousands of years.